All I want for Christmas

Infallible gift ideas for cutting-edge foodies and inveterate gourmet lovers

Every year the same question: what shall I give him (or her) for Christmas? For problems such as these (and more) check the gift guide of Serious About Food. Gadgets, kitchen must-haves, books and a Christmas selection of KitchenAid products - we have selected items of all kinds to help you find the perfect gift for the family foodie.


Set of salts from the world

If a gift of salt is a traditional way to wish someone good luck, health and prosperity, then giving a set of salts from the world is perfect for wishing all the best to your dear ones. Pink salt from the Himalayas, black salt from Hawaii, salt flakes from Camargue, smoked salt... You are spoilt for choice, both in taste and in colour. La Grande Epicerie de Paris has a very interesting range of salts, which can inspire you in the creation of your gift collection.

Bulbo Lamp

Growing your own plants is an excellent way to always have fresh vegetables and herbs. However, to grow your plants inside the house you need the right equipment and the right light. Inspired by nature, Bulbo combines LED technology and design to create lamps that allow you to grow your plants indoors all year round. A useful and attractive gift for foodies with a green thumb.

Homemade Gin Kit

This is how you can find out that gin is easy to make. With a carefully calibrated blend of juniper berries, spices and herbs, this home kit offers the tools to produce an exceptional gin at home in just 36 hours. It’s sure to be a hit for any mixology enthusiast.

The travel book

A total of 229 countries, told through more than 800 photographs. "The Travel Book: a Journey Through Every Country in the World" is an overview of the most fascinating places around the globe. For obvious reasons, it is not the best choice to use to plan a trip in its finer details. But it's perfect for the coffee table, to offer glimpses into parts of distant worlds, take in pieces and ideas for future trips. It is he perfect gift for the gourmet globetrotter.


Sushi candles

Raise your hand if you do not have a sushi fan in your circle of friends and family. Rice and fish rolls with such an iconic shape feed into any form of fetishism. Cushions, socks, books - now you can even find candles shaped like tuna, prawn or salmon nighiri sushi. They are so nice you will buy two - one as a gift and one to keep!

Marimekko kitchen apron

Who said kitchen aprons have to be sad-looking things? Marimekko, the historical Finnish company that has been producing brightly coloured fabrics since 1951, brings a bolt of cheerfulness into the kitchen with a collection of intensely coloured aprons. Because mums can be stylish, even when they are cooking.

Coffee from L’Arbre à Café

We of Serious About Food have talked about them, and not by chance - these are among the best coffees on the market. From the attractive packaging to the delightful flavour, these coffees, in grains or ground, are a fantastic gift for any gourmand.


Homemade Granola.

Granola is a winning idea for anyone trying their hand at homemade foods. It is very easy to prepare, keeps for a long time and it is always very popular. Prepare it with oat flakes, toasted almonds, cranberries, candied apricots, cinnamon, brown sugar and honey, then put it in a vintage-style jar with a pretty label and a coloured bow. 

Measured cutting board

Novices in the kitchen no longer have an excuse. The antibacterial surface of this cutting board in beech wood features millimeters and angles that will give immense satisfaction when making cuts, and help chop vegetables with maniacal precision.

Alain Ducasse Discovery Box.

You can never go wrong with a chocolate Christmas gift, but let that chocolate be the best! For those who lust after chocolate, Alain Ducasse - who is closer to being an institution in France and around the world than a chef - is offering his amazing chocolates, Belgian pralines and ganaches in boxes containing from 12 to 90 items…of extreme pleasure.

Salvador Dalì, “Les diners de Gala”

“This book is uniquely devoted to the pleasure of taste... If you are a disciple of one of those calorie-counters who turn the joy of eating into a form of punishment, close this book at once - it is too lively, to aggressive, and far too impertinent for you.” Salvador Dalì could not say it better. In this cookery book, published in 1973 and now offered again by Taschen, there are 136 extravagant recipes, sometimes aphrodisiac, surrealistically explained like only he was able to do. A multisensorial experience for the most aesthete of gourmet lovers.

Traditional panettone

In Milan’s currently coolest patisserie this special Italian Christmas cake is prepared with healthy, natural ingredients. Mother yeast, Madagascar vanilla and orange rinds for the perfect Panettone.

Chocolate Twister

For the budding gourmet, this game combines the hallmark childhood game of Twister, one of the most fun games ever invented, with the sweet notes of chocolate - most of which is Belgian. It’s a must for children.

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