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The classic hamburger today takes on more intriguing forms

After you read this article, you will never look at a hamburger bun in the same way. We present to you today’s trend of substituting burger bread with other ingredients: only the casing changes but a very small change is enough to take the taste towards new unusual horizons. We discover the most entertaining (and nutritious) examples of this global trend: here are five alternatives to the classic bread roll that will make you forget the hamburger as you have known it up to now. They are to be tried at home!

English Muffin

We are not talking about sweet muffins, but of small bread rolls that despite their rich consistency, are surprisingly low in fats. The dough is very easy to prepare with a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, but the characteristic of this type of bread is that it is cooked in a cast iron pan that gives it its typical shape and golden exterior. Their consistency makes them the perfect complement for any type of filling and, though they are known for Eggs Benedict, they can really go well with any filling. Do you want a recipe that will leave your guests breathless? Put some fresh pineapple and a salmon fillet on a hotplate, prepare a vinaigrette of lime and coriander and use these ingredients to fill the muffin, also adding some slices of avocado.

Rice burger

Making a rice burger may seem a hard task, but nothing is easier and the result is delicious, as well as being suitable for those who are gluten intolerant and those who suffer from coeliac disease. Choose rice that is high in starch so that it remains compact, cook it with a teaspoon of rice vinegar then, with the help of pasta shape, form two discs and toast them on the hotplate, dusting the surface with black and white sesame seeds. What is the most delicious version? It has the aroma of Asia with a filling of raw salmon, finely shredded red cabbage, some slices of avocado, lettuce, coriander and some bean sprouts, Japanese mayonnaise to taste and, for the fearless, a sprinkling of hot Sriracha sauce. 

Avocado Burger

Do you want to prepare a vegan burger, or maybe even one of raw vegetables? The avocado burger is made for you. Instagram exploded with the Avocado Burger and Avocado Bars opened around the world like wildfire because, as we all know, it is a delicious and healthy fruit. It was launched on Instagram by Colette Dike, a food stylist and instagrammer whose profile @fooddeco is highly followed. You certainly cannot eat an Avocado Burger with your hands – it would be impossible due to its consistency! – but the visual effect is a joy for the eyes and for the palate. To prepare a totally green burger, take advantage of the cavity of the fruit to add a good dose of hummus or vegan mayonnaise and fill it with a vegetarian patty of quinoa or lentils. Do you want to try it vegan or raw? You are free to fill it with raw carrot, cucumbers, tomatoes, beetroot and a sprinkling of cayenne pepper. This is raw and delicious.

Cauliflower Burger

Not everyone knows that white cauliflower is one of the most complete vegetables that we have in the kitchen. Its consistency makes it truly versatile in recipes and its main ingredients make it an indispensable ally of our health. Use it to prepare bread for your burger: dry it by placing it for a short time in the oven, then put it in a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer adding a quarter cup of wholemeal or rice flour and an egg to bind it all together. Try it in the most classic recipes and you will be delighted. Once it has been cooked in the oven, put it on a hotplate to make the two halves of the bun golden brown and fill them with beef, a poached egg, two slices of avocado and a few fresh spinach leaves with a good spoonful of homemade hollandaise sauce.

Mushroom Burger

Would you ever imagine that two big and beautiful heads of Portobello mushroomscan happily take the place of a burger bun? It is absolutely true: take two thick mushrooms, cook them on a hotplate with a little oil and at the same time prepare your chicken Tonkatsu, a juicy crumbed and fried cutlet. Play around with the sauces: Japanese mayonnaise, oyster sauce, hot Sriracha, soy sauce... the consistency of the mushrooms will delight your senses.

What is indispensable to prepare impeccable alternate burgers at home? KitchenAid has the solution for you.

Domino Teppanyaki induction plate is the ideal solution. Its secret? The  stainless steel surface and the power level (1.4kW on each cooking areas) allow keeping the desired temperature constant. In this way, overheating dishes is avoided, which is good for low-fat cooking, which preserves the nutrient content of foods. This appliance is completed by a timer for each area, a power booster, a residual heat indicator to avoid burns, automatic turn off and a safety lock for your children. 

In addition, with KitchenAidwarming drawersyou can keep your dishes warm for all the time you need, just like in a restaurant.

All you have left to do is organise a Burger Party and try them all!

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