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Roger van Damme


In search of the perfect product

It is undeniable: we all seek to differentiate ourselves from others and leave a unique mark in what we do. This goes hand in hand with an increasing specialisation in that which we are passionate about. Just as a doctor can specialise in the heart or brain, or a lawyer in criminal law, a chef can choose to specialise in a specific ingredient that led to his or her passion for cooking.

In recent times, a trend has spread amongst chefs: the opening of a second, specialised restaurant. As such, the skills that chefs have gained year after year during their Michelin starred experiences translate into something more accessible to the consumer. Chefs can specialises in a single product that fascinates them, so much as to have the sensation that an entire restaurant could be built around it

Si tratta di una sorta di circolo virtuoso: la passione per il prodotto genuino porta ad un interesse che, a sua volta, sfocia in una sempre maggiore conoscenza del prodotto. Questo processo avviene non solo nella cucina di un grande chef, ma anche nello sviluppo e nella produzione degli strumenti per creare i piatti che lo chef ha in mente. Pensate ad esempio agli elettrodomestici KitchenAid, ispirati, progettati e sviluppati in collaborazione con chef professionisti. Il risultato di questa collaborazione è una vasta gamma di prodotti realizzati con tecnologie e materiali che garantiscano risultati straordinari e di elevata qualità.

Scegliendo un prodotto unico, come il pollo Toque-Tok, si sceglie la qualità, perché 100% di origine belga. La genuinità è il concetto portante della nostra filosofia: per questo abbiamo scelto di occuparci direttamente dell’alimentazione dei nostri polli. Nei nostri stabilimenti garantiamo condizioni di vita elevate: grazie alla bassa densità, i polli sono liberi di muoversi. La fase di controllo, importantissima in questi processi, è fondamentale anche per KitchenAid. L’iconico robot da cucina offre una qualità talmente alta da essere diventato un must per ogni appassionato di arte culinaria e oggi rappresenta uno dei prodotti più richiesti nel settore. Chi acquista un robot KitchenAid desidera avere nella propria cucina un elettrodomestico unico.

It is a kind of virtuous circle: passion for a genuine product leads to an interest that, in turn, results in an even greater knowledge of the product itself. This process not onyl takes place in the kitchens of great chefs, but also in the development and manufacturing of tools to create the dishes that the chef has in mind. An example of such are KitchenAid appliances, which are inspired, designed and developed in collaboration with professional chefs. The result of this collaboration is a wide range of products made with technologies and materials that offer high quality and outstanding results.

In choosing a single product, such as Toque-Tok chicken, you choose quality, as it is 100% of Belgian origin. Authenticity is the main concept behind our philosophy: it is for this reason that have chosen to directly manage how our chickens are fed. In our facilities, we guarantee high living standards: thanks to their low density, the chickens are free to roam. The control phase, which is highly important in these processes, is also critical for KitchenAid. The iconic food processor offers such high quality that it has become a "must" for any fan of the culinary arts, and it is currently one of the most popular products in the industry. Those who purchase a KitchenAid machine look to have a one of a kind appliance in their kitchen. 

Experience and specialisation are two sides of the same coin, and each plays a fundamental role. Chicken is a dish of excellence on which I have increasingly concentrated, bringing its preparation to meet very high standards. I find inspiration in everything I see and that which surrounds me: chicken is a dish popular throughout the world, and every country has its own way of cooking it. For such a significant dish, the real challenge is to find new preparation techniques and experiment with it by continuing to try out your own recipes and reach levels that have not yet been explored. In focusing on a particular product, you can seek out the right degree of specialisation, but in this process it is also important to find a balance and make sure that the plates remain accessible. There will be an increasing amount of specialised restaurants in the future that will be specifically dedicated to meat, such as pork chops, or gluten-free food, but also to special preparation techniques, such as steaming. As such, it is not unlikely that the consumer of the future will choose to dine at a particular restaurant just for its special offering, or, in a word, for its specialisation.

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