Home Trends 2017

The must-haves to furnish your home in style

The Maison et Objet Paris 2017 (the famous trade show on lifestyle, interiors and design) has just finished and the hunt for the latest trends is on. Fear not - fortunately interior design does not have the same frenetic rhythms as fashion, so your kitchen or living room do not need a complete makeover. We all know how enjoyable it is to take our time and, by instinct, find furniture items that are in tune with our character. However, if you are looking for inspiration to change your home a little, go on reading! 

Nordic style 

When it comes to furniture Scandinavia has no equal. Be it contemporary furniture or items from the mid 1900s, the purified lines, the raw, light-coloured wood and pastel colours fit perfectly into any room, making it immediately warm and welcoming. It is not by chance that the word “hygge” was born in Denmark. There is no literal translation for this concept, which speaks of pleasant, intimate settings that favour a relaxed atmosphere and well-being. It is synonymous with harmonious homes full of light and with lots of natural elements. Hay, Normann Copenhagen and Muuto are but three of the furniture producers to keep an eye on.  



For years vintage style has reigned unchallenged in the ranking of home moods and it is gathering more and more followers. The reason is simple - the excellent manufacturing techniques of the past mean these furniture items have aged not at all badly and possess the vintage taste that immediately gives character to a room. This is without talking about designer art: the seats by Arne Jacobsen or Charles Eames - iconic items shown in all today’s sector magazines - are timeless classics that inspire contemporary style as well.


Wallpaper has made a great comeback and is once more giving character to the walls of our homes. Natural motifs, such as leaves or plant elements, flowers or geometrical patterns - we are spoilt for choice. 


Patterns and ethnic fabrics

Unusual colour combinations, flashy pictures and geometrical patterns, hand-woven raw materials - this is the expressive force shared by traditional weaving from countries such as Peru, Nepal and Morocco. It inspires textile designers in the creation of gaudy fabrics for the home. The fabrics cover walls, floors, sofas and armchairs with refined textures that add a gypsy touch to rooms. 


Marble as material

If you think of marble as only white or grey, think again - there is no material that is more alive and comes in greater variety. Yellow, red, green, white and black are but a few of the other variations of an organic material that has finally regained popularity in all its forms. This stone is austere but its texture is rich, elevating any setting. It is in such request that its grain is faithfully reproduced on wallpaper as well, to achieve a guaranteed all-over effect.


Strong colours

With clockwork precision, Pantone has established Greenery as the colour of the year - a touch of fresh, spring grass green.  There is no doubt that this year’s trend turns more to stronger, firmer shades compared to the ones we have seen recently. No more pastel colours - make way for strong shades such as ottanio (a vibrant tone between blue and green) and mustard yellow, biological and lively. Firm colours such as these can change the allure of a room even if only one decorative element is in this shade.


Home Jungle

Plant lovers - your time is now! 2017 is the year of all things green, so there are no restrictions in your home either. In the flower shops and nurseries with a hype touch (which are opening in all cities and towns) you can find the right plants for interiors that are also aesthetically perfect to give your living room an exotic appearance, in addition to improving the air you breathe at home. You have been given the green light for cacti of all kinds, ficus, philodendron - beautiful plants with a touch of hipster charm that does not hurt.

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