If the kitchen becomes a lab

A gourmet technology lab, designed like the kitchens of top chefs.

Return to an idea of the past, when the kitchen outside of cities was the heart of a home. The latest trends in furniture dictate for the kitchen to be rediscovered as a multifaceted place, a modern, hi-tech lab, in which to experience food preparation as a transformative art. It is not  only because of the technology available in it. Materials, Space Sharing, Access to Instruments: the whole cooking setup has changed, inspired by solutions devised over the years by top chefs, in their kitchens.

Here is the resulting laboratory version of this area of the house, up to recently designed mainly as simple "kitchenette", limited to one end of the living area, and usually designed in continuity with the latter. For years in this vest it was the undisputed protagonist of magazines and trade fairs. Today, the kitchen is back to being the undisputed queen of the home, proud and independent, whose highlights are its richness and the variety of increasingly technological and multifunctional utensils and appliances, key elements to create masterpieces that delight the palate.

Indeed, behind the tools lies access to the top chefs' techniques: how to cook sous-vide, store vacuum food or split temperatures to the thousandth to avoid any bacterial proliferation or loss of nutritional value, bake with professional precision, use hundreds of cooking settings to properly work on any food, whatever the ultimate goal. Along with the great return of the kitchen-workshop, of the kitchen as a place of conviviality, is undoubtedly the rediscovered passion of an increasing number of people for good food and wine: precooked food and speed of preparation have moved aside for the search for flavours, the love for tradition, cultivation, the cult for the healthy and the organic, experimentation, imagination, tasting. The kitchen environment becomes a chemistry store of food, a source of flavours and smells. A space for sociality and warmth, within which to share the preparation of dishes, to talk, to get together, to exchange ideas.


Food creation thus becomes a trait d'union, a red thread that brings dialogue, supporting it with the power of imagination and research, necessary to set up more and more scenic dishes. To be shared not only with present guests, but with the outside world, through photos and videos on various social networks. The kitchen thus becomes an environment rich in experience and potential, capable of integrating subjectivity with sociality. The pleasure of selection, choice, and preparation, gives life to the presentation of models designed with avant-garde materials, capable of providing maximum performance, facilitating work and cleaning. The surfaces are wider and modules more functional, allowing the consumer to create solutions that fit any need.

In most of the setups, geometries remain clean and fluid, drawing wide and articulated spaces. Keywords are modularity, functionality, sharing. Whenever possible, the hob is positioned at the centre of an island so that the food preparation process, a very important stage, is visible: the true essence of the kitchen-laboratory concept. 

Absolutely needed within this new concept of kitchen, appliances and other utensils are indispensable and increasingly modern and multifunctional. The shapes fit this creative arsenal and make it appealing, while the colours are chosen according to the furnishings. From the kitchen robot to the coffee machine, from the mixer to the blender, from the toaster to the extractor, from the ice cream machine to the mini oven to create waffles, biscuits, cup cakes, and cake design equipment.

And again, for wine connoisseurs, decanter, bucket, thermometer. These design objects no longer hide behind a door: in the kitchen workshop they are exhibited like paintings, in an increasingly peaceful island of design where you cultivate passions and give shape and substance to your ideas.

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