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5 space-saving ideas for small kitchens (and more)

How can a small kitchen be improved until it is a perfect little jewel, without sacrificing aesthetics and function? Less room does not necessarily mean removing - on the contrary, it is an opportunity to let your mind run free in the search of solutions with what today’s design and technology can offer.

We have selected for you five "spacesaving" ideas for smaller kitchens, but they are also perfectly suitable for larger rooms - do not forget that looks also count, so it is important to craftily consider the visual impact when organising areas.   

Let us begin with  “mini” appliances - why give up on convenient kitchen appliances, great allies for every chef? Simply opt for smaller versions, as long as there is no change in their high performance levels. An example? The latest arrival in the KitchenAid team is MINI, the smallerversion of the planetary icon for mixing, whipping, kneading, 20% smaller and 25% lighter, but with the same  power. The design is available in lots of colours and, most importantly, it has the same identical functions of its “elder brother” and can operate with the same accessories. 

From mini appliances to  multi-functional appliances  - one machine can perform more than one task taking up the room of just one appliance. An example is the  KitchenAid compact multi-function oven KOCCX 45600 which has as well all functions as a sophisticate microwave oven, or the combined steam oven KOQCX 45600 which combines a traditional oven and a steamer in one appliance. At breakfast we are already used to combined coffee machines that allow you to prepare coffee, cappuccino,  macchiato, tea and hot chocolate. But what if this same multi-function appliance could also toast bread and heat a brioche? Being spoilt by the extensive range of functions in just one item is a pretty good start to the day.

If we really dive deep into the world of furnishing solutions, the perfect balance among an attractive design, practical elements and

efficiency is crucial in a small kitchen. In this sense hanging units represent a great solution. In terms of design they have a considerable visual impact, decreasing the perception of used space and giving rooms a more dynamic appearance. There is more - hanging solutions also allow full freedom in the management of space in a functional manner, with unlimited customisation possibilities. Hanging bases also allow for quicker, easier cleaning and could even represent continuity of style between the living area and the kitchen. 

An enthusiastic thumbs-up goes to transforming solutions, such as the washing area becoming a practical working surface, achieved by covering the sink with a wooden cutting board that, when not used for its main purpose, becomes a convenient worktop. Alternatively, a workbench can become a table. All-purpose pull-out drawers with an additional kitchen worktop that vanishes when not in use are a double space-saving solution.

If there are very small areas that are difficult to use, open shelves offer an efficient solution to store kitchen accessories and food - plates, food, spices, pots and pans. They are a good alternative to cupboards with doors, supply good ventilation and allow you to perceive more clearly the food you have, thus reducing food waste. Your kitchen will immediately seem larger and show off its best elements

There is no need therefore to give up quality and convenience - if there is not much room, in addition to removing redundant items, it is the made-to-measure project that makes the style of your kitchen  unique. 

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