Pasta goes green

The eternal struggle with carbohydrates has finally found an ally: vegetables

Be honest: which of you, at least once a week, doesn’t feel the overwhelming desire to eat a healthy plate of pasta? It might be the consistency, the shape or the sauce: the secret ingredient is not yet clear, but there’s something that captivates us about the idea of biting into a forkful of macaroni or spaghetti, except we then let ourselves be assailed by guilt for the tank full of carbohydrates we have just taken in.
To overcome the drawback of the carbohydrates, without giving up the pleasure of a plate of pasta, there are obviously tricks that allow us to satisfy our gastronomic desires without a lot of sacrifice. Help comes for you from the many fantastic accessories of that transform Stand MixerKitchenAid into a real Culinary Centre that let you experiment countless techniques and give your 100% vegetable recipes a real twist. Let us discover together how many things can be done with the right tools, vegetables and a touch of imagination. There is no fear for the aficionados; the shape is the same, the substance changes. And, as if by magic, the guilt… disappears!

Courgette noodles You don’t have a Spiralizer? Wrong, because this tool is indispensable when we speak about vegetable spaghetti. You should get it to enrich your infallible set of accessories for the Stand Mixer KitchenAid. With the Spiralizer you will be able to prepare this courgetti (courgette spaghetti), to serve with whatever sauce your imagination inspires. Do you want to stay traditional with an innovative touch? After having boiled the courgetti, prepare a pesto of avocado, black cabbage, garlic and pine nuts: the rich sensory base of the pesto boosted by the avocado and the cabbage will give you a 100% green charge of energy.

Asparagus linguine
Instead of adding an asparagus sauce to your pasta, make the asparagus themselves the basis of your dish! With the potato peeler cut the asparagus lengthways to make thin stripes which you will boil for a few minutes before adding the sauce that pleases you, as long as it does not cover the delicate flavour of the asparagus. Add pecorino romano cheese and sliced almonds. It is an unforgettable dish for your guests.

Courgette lasagne
Lasagne, the symbol of Italian-ness, is a dish that can be revisited in a thousand different ways. Therefore, it is easy to imagine how the recipe can be reinterpreted in a vegetarian key. Substitute the sheets of pasta with slices of courgette that have been placed briefly in boiling water and compose them together with the other ingredients and cook them in the oven like normal lasagne. Fill them in the traditional way with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. If you want to be daring, know that there is no dish that lends itself more to change! Try a tasty alternative with hummus, a touch of harissa and a pesto of pistachios that you can make at home.

Carrot spaghetti With their hard, crunchy flesh carrots are ideal for preparing vegetable spaghetti and with the help of the Spiralizer you will be able to make them without any effort. Carrot spaghetti, whether the classic orange carrots or the black variety, has the consistency that perfectly matches sauces of any type, including pesto, as if it were al dente bucatini pasta. Try this spaghetti with a ragout of white meat, such as chicken or rabbit, or seitan if you are vegetarian, adding garlic, parsley, coriander and a shade of white wine. 

Beetroot ravioli Surprisingly even ravioli, the tastiest pasta preparation, lend themselves to being prepared in a vegetable version. Get a red beetroot; with the KitchenAid Fresh Prep Slicer, the practical tool to complete your robot, which in a few seconds slices any vegetable in the form desidered, you will have thin slices in a flash that will be the sheets for your ravioli. Boil the beetroot and think about the filling: the filling will be a mixture of fresh goat’s cheese, grated lemon rind, while a touch of warm chick pea hummus as the sauce will guarantee roundness and creaminess to the dish. Go green!

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