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Tired by our exhausting lifestyle, by the daily hustle and bustle of our towns and by the abundance of new technologies everywhere, more and more of us are on the search for a peaceful, simple life based on healthy choices. It is along these lines that the Kinfolk style is born.

Directly inspired by the Amish way of life along with other culture where good things are treasured, this emerging trend seeks to put an end to overconsumption.

A true way of life, it extends across all areas: from interior design, to gastronomy and fashion but always with the same directive – to return to all things essential and the beauty that comes from that.In our kitchens, we are trying to create healthy recipes with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Lovely traditional and authentic dishes, which excite the taste buds and presented in pretty bowls on a perfectly planned out table. Because in Kinfolk, every detail counts. And even if the decoration appears a little light, there is in fact the real mise en scene between the object, the shade and the light.

Our interiors must therefore be tamed in order to become more minimalist. The first stage is to remove anything superfluous, only keeping what is essential and what really means something to us. Next, we invest in natural materials such as wool, book and linen, as well as in authentic items, such as Chinese flecked, second hand furnishings. With this in mind, any décor can punctuate the Kinfolk style. In the dining room, we could bring together an untreated antique wooden dining table with long modern washed linen curtains. In the lounge, a large woollen rug might accentuate the position of the couch. With regard to colours, we play with different hues of white which are soft and peaceful, and which reflect the natural light. The palette is vast and the inspiration prized: for the walls, you can choose a pretty grege silk which serves to warm up the room, and which would be sublime on a pure white painted background. These shades marry just as well with woods like oak and walnut. But why not also opt for a deep blue, or a light grey shade of green to inject even more personality into the room.   The Kinfolk style draws its inspiration from nature and all of its different landscapes. Skies, seas are lands are bursting with a thousand and one colours, so you must choose shades that suit these worlds. A few splashes of black here and there will bring the whole thing together, adding an element of contrast, which is found throughout nature.

We will choose our accessories, putting the finishing touches to our design, with care: an ancient rattan mirror will dress the walls; on the sideboard you will find a pretty ceramic vase or a scented woody candle. As for the lights, open air style garlands set the tone perfectly with a marked retro touch; but a hanging wicker basket for a more natural look would also add a beautiful effect.Finally, consider adding a touch of greenery in each room in the house: in the living rooms, a small bunch of fresh flowers or branches find their place on the table, next to some pretty house plants. In the kitchen, some aromatic herbs become bouquets, suspended at head height to perfume the room in style

The art of dining also lends itself to the whole setting: large tables inspire country village fetes like those held in years gone by. Imagine and old, used farmhouse table, burnished by time, with pretty stoneware plates in natural colours, and above all, a mass of vegetables scattered here and there. Simple foliage accompanies delicate country flowers for a true, natural country style. Here also, crafting is also take pride of place with handmade wooden utensils, or earthenware handed down from generation to generation.The Kinfolk style is equally inspiring within the realms of marriage. More and more, couples are taking on its codes to create their wedding décor. For the reception, nature lovers choose an old barn with its authentic charm. These kinds of spaces allow you to create huge table where everyone sits together. Hay bales, sheep skins or flecked chairs offer places to sit. The floral compositions are made at home for amore country feel. At the table, there will be a variety of non-matching, used crockery whilst always staying true to the simplistic nature of the Kinfolk style: white or natural ceramics therefore take pride of place. As far as the cutlery is concerned, it will be perfect in its marked, imperfect state.

Even more than a fashion, Kinfolk encompasses the whole of daily life. Once adopted into one place, it becomes like a primordial instinct to extend it into another. One can, for example, learn to use essential oils to cleanse our homes; just a few drops of eucalyptus or menthol are needed to purify the air. Lavender essential oil, mixed with white vinegar makes a great natural cleaner and disinfectant without the toxins. By purifying our interiors and our way of living to the max, we begin to realise that happiness is truly in our own hands. Each pretty little thing can delight us and encourage us to move towards a better quality of life. A softer, healthier and truer life.

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