The LAB goes to Paris

The second stop of the Serious About Food Kitchen LAB European roadshow

May is the perfect month to be in Paris: pleasant weather and the stirring scent of design everywhere in town. The month starts with D’Days: the foremost Design Festival in France, involving talks, open studios and events across four districts. This year’s theme is very attractive: “Let’s play!”, an invitation that immediately brings you to a fun-filled, energizing and intriguing universe. As Passionate Makers, of course, we cannot turn down the challenge. So, we’ve travelled the four design routes, Champs Elysées - Palais Royal, Saint-Germain des Prés, Pantin, Marais – Bastille, and we’ve stopped by the last one to jump into the KitchenAid world. 

The Serious About Food Kitchen LAB takes place from the 10th to the 14th in Marais, in the lovely frame of the “Galerie Joseph”: a bright art gallery that is a landmark for seekers of design in town. Glass ceiling, stone walls, wooden floors and white cubes here and there create the perfect environment to welcome the Empire Red Stand Mixer, a timeless icon of the brand, and its newborn cousin, the Empire Red Iconic Fridge, as well as the ultimate Black Stainless Steel Collection. This is the present, that which we already know and love about KitchenAid. But what will come after? An interactive show presents the visions of nine international designers, imagining the perfect kitchen for us, the Passionate Makers

Something that does not yet exist, but we can now see so clearly and realistically through the eyes of those creative experts. Nine interpretations were displayed in Milan in April for the first time, and are out in Paris for a few days one month later, ready to fly to London in September and take part in Design Week. 

Rachel Laxer Interiors, Tor Interiors, Victor Vasilev, Kensaku Oshiro, Castiglia Associati, Marc Sadler, Bernhardt & Vella, Massimo Marzorati and matali crasset as nine writers of the same Serious About Food story, each one lending a different personal touch to a mutual plot. Being Serious About Food means to be Passionate Makers, to love creating and performing as professional Chefs, supported by the best appliances, and, why not, inspired by a gorgeous environment. Beauty, however, can have different faces, and the LAB is here to show nine outstanding possibilities for your kitchen.

We experienced a similar journey in Milan, from the Living to the Material and the Dynamic Kitchen, to end up with the Makers Workshop and the Beyond the Kitchen concept. This last category is represented by matali crasset, the French designer who was the LAB’s local ambassador for the occasion. Her project is the futuristic Capsule Végétale which leaves the standard idea of the kitchen behind and proposes a self-sufficient system, from ingredients production to composting, including a fully-equipped KitchenAid basement to prepare delicious meals from the greenhouse, directly to your table. Each project is displayed through a motion graphic video that gives visibility to every detail and every peculiarity of its style. Unlike the other eight viewings, Capsule Végétale takes life andappears also as a 3D hologram in the middle of the showroom. The floating perimeter of the capsule is a magnetic image that narrates all the innovation behind this project. The whole LAB plays with lines, shapes and lights to offer contemporary design inspiration to KitchenAid lovers. 

On the 10th, the KitchenAid space hosts a vernissage for architects, designers, customers and brand enthusiasts to disclose the LAB project. This will be a celebration of two fervid passions, the love for food and the love for design, that sublimate in a single occasion to share creative thoughts, as well as enjoy exquisite drinks and appetizers. The KitchenAid LAB perfectly embodies the D’Days vocation of a huge playground: we touch the solid handle of a KitchenAid oven, we discover the urban flavour of the Iconic fridge and then we see whether they match a minimalistic kitchen or a post-industrial one, in a dream that may become real. At the end of the day, Paris is the city of love and magic, and KitchenAid is your best ally for taking your desire beyond the limits. What will happen next?

Au revoir,  and see you in London! 

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