The new shapes of wood

Back to the roots. Or, better still, back to natural.

The trend that has already seen a good come back in 2017 is also confirmed with the beginning of the New Year and above all it does so in the kitchen. The Natural Material par excellence, wood is once more the protagonist in all its forms, pine, durmast, cherry, teak, even oak and olive and with its warm tones it can only bring warmth to the kitchen which is still the heart of the home.

 If it is true that trends come and go, there is in fact one thing that never changes: whether it is for a gourmet dinner or a quick lunch, whether it is for entertaining friends with an aperitif or for finishing homework and answering emails, the role of the kitchen is still central and represents a refuge where one can stay far away from the chaos of the city. Today’s lifestyle is increasingly sustainable and healthy and is aimed at the harmony of the mind, body and nature. Therefore the return of wood here as well does not surprise, but rather reassures us. This does not involve only tools and cutting boards, or plates, bowls and trays, but also flooring and - why not? - also walls, shelving, covers and floors. These are all elements which contribute to creating a warm, welcoming and comforting atmosphere, whether they are only partly used or whether they dominate. 

From the roots

Accepted now for some years, timber flooring is the protagonist in the kitchen as well and does not seem to want to give up its place in the field. In darker tones contrasting with light coloured kitchens or faint if the colours are bright, parquetry is surely very popular, just as it is looked for and is synonymous with elegance and charm. It is able to enhance and refine even the most modern elements from professional inspiration such as KitchenAid Chef Touch. The use of ceramics is peeping out over the horizon, especially with the great return of decorated tiles with geometric and floral designs. So a new dialogue is born between three elements, wood, steel and ceramics, which combined together give ample space for experimentation and imagination. 

On the walls

The trend to greater use of timber is a given fact. In fact, many experts of design state that it is the most used material in the kitchen – and not only. It is tough, has character and is also found as a covering for sections of walls and spaces between one piece of furniture and another which demonstrates that country style has officially moved to the city. Renewed attention to everything that brings back the past, to the origins and love of Nature, it also imbues the room that is the focus of the home and gathers in its inhabitants beginning with the walls.

Suspended and flat

Tidy yes but banishing the aseptic nature of kitchens of a few decades ago. It is no longer made up only of cold, metallic and neutral materials and timber has become the protagonist once more. This time with exposed shelving and drawers which, if chosen with greater depth and irregular forms, give personality and rhythm to the ambience. In particular, the choice of knotty woods helps to make each element unique without ever creating obvious repetition and to converse naturally even with stainless steel elements such as a chimney hood or a large sized refrigerator such as the KitchenAid Vertigo series. At the same time here is timber that can be found on the planes, the so-called kitchen tops, as a valid and efficient alternative to marble, plastic laminates or other recently produced materials.

In small things

The symbol of the return to the roots is the appearance and the subsequent wide variety of objects for the kitchen. Leaving aside for the moment the classic ladle and the ever present cutting board, on tables we increasingly see bowls, plates and even cups and glasses made from wood. Whether of walnut, cherry and spruce, they need only be made of wood. In perfect equilibrium which does not reject the technology and comfort of contemporary society, wood combines with all today’s elements thus becoming their support or container.



If 2017 was the year of shades of grey and a neutral palette, this year we can dare. Therefore we can experiment elements of design with challenging colours such as the imperial red KitchenAid Iconic Fridge . It is an element of design of great impact whose presence will create a dialogue with the natural wood elements with the intention of creating a mix of equilibriums that move from originality and elegance in order to astound and also to welcome.

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