The new way of living the kitchen

Valentina Pepe


Full conviviality in the kitchen with innovative spaces created to experience the passion for good food and to gather fluid environments where absolutely nothing is lacking and the right “keywords” are technology and sharing, without neglecting some good rules and the latest apps on the theme.

The kitchen? An environment in the house perfect to share and to be together, with innovative materials and accessories that make it open and multifunctional, able to take possession of living and become the central stage. The old concept of the kitchen as a room separate from the rest of the house, a place to prepare delicacies in absolute solitude has been superceded for some time and the aim is to make it ever more integrated and ergonomic, with suspended volumes and solutions that redesign its clutter and functionality with an eye for extreme space personalization. Chefs, cooks, food bloggers, professionals in the sector and enthusiasts of the kitchen have projected us into a new way, and it is truly difficult not to get involved in it. The new technologies assist, with advanced aspiration systems we can fry and “sauté” without inconvenience, even in the presence of guests. 

This way, the new concept of an environment dedicated to food is super technological, flexible and more social than ever, with delicious food served on enormous work surfaces, cooked perfectly on giant burners and ready to be savoured all together, around an excellently equipped island. It is a trend for which technology has not hesitated to supply precious smartphone applications, innovative accessories and utensils that were unknown until recently. Technology thus extends a helping hand and opens the kitchen doors even to those who were not even good at preparing a cup of coffee. An explosion of precision scales, digital thermometers to control the cooking of more than one fish or meat dish at the same time, managed from long distance via smart phone; food printers that can mix ingredients and print dishes out. There is no lack of pans, which can be divided into four, wine cellars for true sommeliers and helpful design accessories that act as waiters. All required ingredients are present to improvise a light lunch, a fun aperitif or a formal dinner without moving away from the burners. Let us discover this new way of living the kitchen together, and those small rules which are so that we do not lose sight of the final objective.

A sophisticated table setting

If what you need to do is organize a grand aperitif, and your kingdom is the maxi operational island where you seat your guests at the snack bench, it is a matter of choosing a sophisticate table setting. Just a few choice objects from the latest iconic and classic table collections by various sector brands, as is it important not to overdo it. A runner is perfect for a kitchen surface as long as the place for each guest is well marked. Another element is the lunch table, beginning with the tablecloth. As you can imagine, it is vital that it is spotless and well ironed, avoiding synthetic fabrics which are unpleasant to the touch, as well as not being chic. The colours must be chosen according to personal taste and the theme you have chosen for your meal; in any case, avoid matching multicoloured plates and cutlery with overly coloured table clothes. Seeking to maintain a balance of colours is always a winning move.

Social etiquette

Though allowing yourself a break and good food may be something sacred, it is just as important to follow some rules. In the matter of good manners, being “social” is not always a good thing and even etiquette must adapt to changes. For example, it is a good rule not to have your smartphone on the table cloth, unless you are alone. If we really must check something important we must first advise our dining companions and then put the phone away. We should think of it in advance, next time we want to organize a dinner. 

Apps to download
If you live symbiotically with your smartphone or tablet, here is a selection of the most popular apps on food to stay up-to-date.

SNAPFOOD The app, created by the digital agency Glooxy Plus, allows you to share your positive gastronomic experiences, being part of the community.



A “must have” for technological passionate makers that can explore the various recipes on the web, amid blogs and cooking sites, and save them in a personal folder.

It is very useful while cooking, especially if you are a pastries’ fan. The app converts ingredients from weight to volume, and vice versa (eg. cups to grams) 

This application is available in 17 languages. You can save recipes from every website and all the data can be saved simultaneously on the different devices where you are using the app.

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