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Henrik Jyrk is an awards-winning chef based in Copenhagen where he runs and co-owns the restaurant KUL. Jyrk’s mission is to make gourmet food available to as many food lovers as possible, providing flavours that include the latest trends while not disregarding the original and natural flavours. Familiar with the standards of a Michelin star kitchen, his aim is to bring his extensive experience to the tables of his restaurant, sharing the enjoyment of outstanding food. The centrepiece of his kitchen is the KUL grill oven where almost everything is prepared. He believes that grilling brings more dimension to the flavours: KUL is inspired by flavours from all over the world that convey an international fusion food experience to the food lovers. Very focused on the freshness of raw materials, he personally hand-selects the ingredients from the most interesting artisans and farmers. Last but not least, he is a master in home-made dessert, literally “to die for”.

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"Now it is time to get serious about food quality, broaden people's horizons and understand what makes the difference in enjoying good food. The message is: if you do it, give your 110%".
Henrik Jyrk

Henrik Jyrk’s articles

I am willing to broaden people’s horizon with specific insights and cuisine tips and tricks, increasing people’s interest towards kitchen and the quality of good products.

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